Autumn/Winter 2017

Fashion Report

TAAKK is a ready-to-wear brand created by a Miyake Issey’s protégé designer Morikawa Takuya. His A/W 2017 collection is an inspirational mix-and-match of furs, cottons, velours, silks, jeans, patterns and prints. An innovative style that arrays for everyone.  


A/W 2017 collection masters eclectic combinations. Also colors used are not a typical A/W palette. Mr. Morikawa includes animal prints: zebra, panther and boa to wild up the season. We also notice aristocratic inspirations in the form of emblems used as prints and patches. This collection is a true style experimental voyage, where everyone, young or elder, can choose a suiting and comfortable course. 


P.S. TAAKK in Polish means “yes”. 



Photographed by Frédéric Claude

Translated by Natsumi