Dévoile Yourself


Yumiko Ikezoe is a self-taught jewelry designer and runs her signature line YUM. Her incredible pieces not only give the final touch to the #ootd, but are true art pieces. We, who love elegant statement jewelry, fell in love with the rings. 


Jewelry speaks for itself, but who is Yumiko as a designer? Read her answers to our 10 questions.




1. What is your favorite place?

My room is my favorite place. I feel relaxed there.


2. Where do you design your jewelry?

I have an atelier in my room and that’s where I design.


3. What are the 3 things you always have in your bag?

 Glasses, lipstick, and business cards.




4. What’s your favorite clothing brand?

 I like REKISAMI and sakayori.


5. What are the things you can’t live without?

Good food, sake, and my friends.


6. What is your life motto?

I want to live in a funky way. 




7. Why did you become a jewelry designer?

I couldn't find jewelry that I wanted to wear, so I simply decided to make it by myself, even though I didn’t really know much about jewelry making.


8. How long does it to make to create one piece ?

It takes about 2 months, including the designing time.


9. Who do you design for?

People who are fashionable.


10. What kind of messages do you want to send with your jewelry?

I always think about women who are cool, and have their own style and personality while designing.  I also hope that young women will grow that way.



Website: yum.thebase.in

Photographed by Anya Yakushima

Translated by Natsumi