Autumn/Winter 2017

Fashion Report


This season, ACUOD by CHANU collection theme is: “break down the walls and zip up the differences”. The brand is all about connectivity, hence yet once again we see a lot of zippers.It is indeed a very interesting concept, as parts of garments can be reconnected using zippers to form entirely new pieces.However, connectivity is not only about the garments, but also about connecting people and overcoming the differences. 


ACUOD by CHANU A/W 2017 collection is 100% unisex, therefore models faces are partially cover with big zipper masks to create an illusion of a genderless society. Used colors, black and white, create a clean background for personal statement, which we see in the form of models colorful hair. 


For Chanwoo, we are unique individuals who are all connected despite of our differences, which was well represented in the show finale.



Photographed by Katsuyoshi Komatsu

Translated by Natsumi