Spring/Summer 2018

Fashion Report



Takeshi Kitazawa and Emiko Sato once again surprised us with their imagination and creativity. Looks became lighter, fabrics more transparent, heels higher and hair styles more extravagant. What has not changed is designers love for layers, which is their signature mark. Shirts became triplelayered and stockings multilayered, even trench coats seem to extra sleeves.


Spring/Summer 2018 collection is playful and brave. Designs reveal a lot of skin, but that is what spring and summer should be for, to reveal our beautiful bodies and be free, to start blooming. However, sun protection is also very important and for that designers use simple thought though provoking concept of putting a t-shirt over ones heard.


DRESSEDUNDRESSED is well known for their breathtaking finale and they did not disappoint us this season. A beautiful asian model, walking bravely the runway with nothing but a beige, silk skirt and hands covering her breasts.



Photographed by Bryan Apacionado

Translated by Natsumi