Tokio Tashiro


High Street



White and black style is a formula that we know can never go wrong, and with just enough personal touch Tashiro manages to transform this simple look into something incredibly young, a modern twist of west meet east. There is a sheer brilliance in how he mixes streetwear with high end brands with a certain disregard to gender. Tashiro finishes his look with the Margiela tabi boots, which is our personal favorite, and some John Lennon style sunglasses.
Like they say, never overlook the power of simplicity.



Can you tell us what you do in life? 

I am a student at a beauty school.

Can you tell us how fashion impacts your work? 

It shows my personality.

Can you describe your style? 

Very Raf.

Can you tell us what is fashion to you? 

A way to express myself.

What do you think about being fashion conscious? 

It is a trend.



Model Tokio Tashiro

Photographed by Frédéric Claude

Translated by Natsumi

Top, Balenciaga; Bottom, Raf Simons; Shoes, Martin Margiela; Bag, RAF; Necklace, J.W. Anderson 

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