Narumi Sasaki


Style on Edge


Narumi plays well with the unconventional and genderless theme, there is a disregard about conforming to society or to any standards. When we take a closer look, we realize all the details and the accessories. We are quite obsessed with the oversized and gothic earrings that strangely matches with the dandy look. Despite the fact that the look is quite monochromatic, there is a lot of texture and interesting pattern, especially on the coat. 

Narumi shows that you can definitely rock this world, even with high heels boots from banal chic bizarre.



Can you tell us what you do in life? 

I am a student at a beauty school.

Can you tell us how fashion impacts your work? 

It is a motivation in life.



Can you describe your style with designers? 

Saint-Laurent Paris

Can you tell us what is fashion to you? 

Something that makes my life more fun.

What do you think about being fashion conscious? 

It makes my life enjoyable.



Model Narumi Sasaki

Photographed by Frédéric Claude

Translated by Natsumi

Outerwear, Pierre Cardin; Top, Zara; Bottom, Uniqlo; Shoes, Banal Chic Bizarre; Accessories, Tiffany/XU/Saint-Laurent Paris

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