Hirotaka Udate




Tartan patch oversized coat surprisingly creates a minimalistic and structural atmosphere. Moreover Hirotaka is imposing in such a powerful coat, when it could have been easily the other way around. A very bold combination of classical suit shoes with white socks, which perfectly balance with the traditional white shirt. Hirotaka knows how to give a fresh breeze to the vibrant tartan.



Can you tell us what you do in life? 

I am a welder.

Can you tell us how fashion impacts your work? 

It is a topic of discussion.



Can you describe your style with designers? 


Can you tell us what is fashion to you? 

Something that is very important to enjoy in life.

What do you think about being fashion conscious? 

It is a way to connect with other people.



Model Hirotaka Udate

Photographed by Frédéric Claude

Translated by Natsumi

Top, Lad Musician; Bottom, Diesel; Accessory, Diesel

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