Yohn Forss


Asymmetric Balance


White ash hair in samurai like hairdo, ecru shoes separated with layers of black shades (we are talking Rick Owens Runner), and the on one shoulder coat create an unbalanced balance look. Our attention is directed to the beautifully applied coat, especially as he walks, it creates a dashing, and yet effortless flow. As a model, he completely nails the off-runway look, with a combination of athleisure, streetwear and a lot of panache. 

Is that the result of a model instinct or is it actually a carefully designed look? (Probably both)



Can you tell us what you do in life? 

I am a student and a model.

Can you describe your style with designers? 

A mix between Ricks Owens and Alexander Wang.

Can you tell us what is fashion to you? 

It is an art form.




Model Yohn Forss

Photographed by Frédéric Claude

Translated by Natsumi

Top, Lagom; Bottom, Vintage; Shoes, Rick Owens; Bag, Bape 

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