Youth Uniform



Alice’s style can be perceived as rough, even masculine at a first glimpse; black baggy sweater with oversized sleeves, thigh pants and some badass chained hat. However, at a closer look, we realize that she played with contradictions; bright red lips, white platform with sparkly ornaments that truly show a softer and more feminine side. The cherry on top is the pink tote bag that contrast with the rest of the look.

Alice really comes from the Wonderland of individualism and free spirit.



Can you tell us what you do in life? 

I am an idol.

Can you tell us how fashion impacts your work? 

It helps me get more fans.



Can you tell us what is fashion to you? 

It makes my life worth living.

What do you think about being fashion conscious? 

It makes my life more enjoyable.



Model Alice

Photographed by Frédéric Claude

Translated by Natsumi

Top, Romantic; Bottom, Romantic; Shoes, EVRIS; Bag, Q0010