We are constantly on the move, using car, train, plane, bicycle, segway or simply walking. We talk about moving in, moving out and moving on. When choosing clothes, we want them to move freely with our body movements. Those are very obvious and rational usages of the verb: to move. However, what about the development of thinking. With changing times we all are becoming more conscious. We start considering our choices and asking more questions. Through questioning we are changing. And so is Dévoile.


We called this issue "Movement" as we start brining new ideas and start stating new questions in two new tabs. We will travel more, both in Japan and abroad, searching for new inspirations and creative minds. Finally, we will also move with the Appétit section, providing you with thoughtful recipes from the best culinary talents.


Join our Movement issue.


K. A. & L.S.L.



Photographed by Frédéric Claude

Translated by Natsumi