Editors Letter


Every morning we wake up with decisions to make, whether to get up or to stay 5 more minutes in bed, choose between coffee or tea, Vêtements or Balenciaga. How important those choices actually are? Do they influence our day, our work or even our lives? And what about basic questions like production process, the designer's vision or the fabric type? Would we choose differently knowing that a simple decision, such as choosing a simple white t-shirt does not only style our outfit of the day (#oodt), but also stands for hours of works, that includes careful design, manufacturing and sales, and hence influences working conditions, wages and sustainability.


The fact is that, our choice of today is closely related to the economy, to the politics and more importantly, to the environment. This is what we want to bring into conversation, to start a dialogue about our daily choices. Hence, our name Dévoile, which from French means to reveal. Dévoile intends to involve people from the fashion industry to collaborate and discuss about issues that are relevant today and have a greater impact on tomorrow. So that we all can make a smarter choice, for our tomorrow well being.


K. A. & L.S.L.